Choudhary Garments

Choudhary Garments India, a powerhouse in the garment industry since 1970, is dedicated to delivering end-to-end solutions from design to delivery.

About Us

Our philosophy centers on delivering good quality products at competitive prices. We thrive on innovation and collaboration, forming dynamic brand partnerships to push creative boundaries.

Our Expertise

Our management team is highly experienced and forward-thinking, with a strong duty towards embracing the global apparel market through a process-driven approach. Our efficiency is derived from a skilled team that integrates Product Design, CAD, Sampling, R&D, IE, Merchandising, Quality Control, Production Planning, Production and Sourcing. Our commitment is not just to grow but to evolve into an indispensable ally for our clients.

Beyond transactions, we prioritize building enduring relationships by consistently delivering exceptional service, rooted in unwavering dedication to growth. 

With a customer-centric focus, we strive not only to meet standards but to set new benchmarks, aiming to be the trusted partner in our clients’ success.


Our vision is to serve global market and become the leader in garment manufacturing through innovation, sustainability, unparalleled quality and technology driven approach.


Our mission is to passionately create and deliver exceptional garments that inspire confidence and comfort through technology, implementation of safety, quality, delivery, and quality.


Right intent, skilful effort, creative thinking, right guidelines, and leadership execution are the core policy for our business success.


We are committed towards quality management, customer satisfaction and in creating an ethical workspace for all our employees.

We understand that success lies in our people