Choudhary Garments

Product-driven Company and Manufacturer

1. Heritage

Established in 1970, we are a leading force in the garment industry focussing on diverse categories for Women’s and Men’s apparel across Wovens and Fashion Knits.

2. Facilities

With offices in Mumbai, Bangalore and Shaoxing, we operate 5 fully-owned state-of-the-art manufacturing units spanning over 350,000 square feet.

3. Core Value

We aspire to be the ultimate one-stop solution for our customers, seamlessly integrating design, timely deliveries, and manufacturing expertise.

Our Strengths

Comprehensive Design-to-Delivery solutions

Robust sourcing network across India & China

Strong TNA & Production Planning that ensures a high on-time percent

Lead times as short as 45 to 50 days

Process-driven company with a dynamic merchandising approach

Creative design team

Transparent data sharing of all processes

Competitive price points

IE, R&D, Automation & Digitisation


Propelling growth through social responsibility

At the heart of our manufacturing process lies relentless commitment to sustainability and driving positive change on a global scale. We harness state-of-the-art technology to create garments that stand out for their unparalleled design and quality.


600,000 pieces

Our Design Studios prioritize efficiency and quality using modern technology like Gerber CAD and fabrications from India and China. Our process includes R&D, BOM, sewing construction, TNA, planning, PCD, and shipment, managed digitally with our ERP, WFX. We have in-house embroidery, testing labs, Italian and Japanese sewing machines, and Morgan CNC cutters, and we are updating our facilities for digitization and sustainability.


5 Factories

With offices in Mumbai, Bangalore, and Shaoxing, we operate five state-of-the-art manufacturing units totaling 350,000 square feet. A sixth plant on 12 acres will boost our production capacity to 850,000 pieces per month.


India & China

We have an excellent vendor base for sourcing fabrics and trims from India and China ensuring lead times as short as two weeks.


Knit & Wovens

At Choudhary Garments, we design and manufacture creative clothing with excellence across Knits and Woven fabrics, offering lead times of 45-50 days and competitive prices for both high-end clients and discounters. Our global services foster collaborations that exceed expectations, making us a trusted partner in the dynamic fashion industry.

Future Plans

Men's Wear
Women's Wear