Choudhary Garments

Proactive Social

Our commitment to ethical practices surpasses industry standards, actively ensuring positive contributions to the well-being of our workforce and communities.

Amritum Foundation for Upliftment

The Amritum Foundation, a testament to our social responsibility, catalyzes upliftment initiatives, creating sustainable impacts on individuals and communities in need.

Empowering Socially Disadvantaged Groups

Through the Amritum Foundation, we empower people from socially disadvantaged groups by providing training and skill development required for the workplace and beyond.

Nurturing Dreams, Actualizing Potential

our initiatives create an environment that nurtures aspirations. We provide support and resources to help individuals turn their dreams into reality, fostering a culture of equal opportunity.


Propelling growth through social responsibility

Our out-of-the-box thinking and unyielding ambition drive us to surpass industry standards, making Choudhary Garments India a symbol of innovation and process in a relentless pursuit of excellence.